This is version 2 of the Open Green Map platform - designed for community mapping, this platform is ready for all kinds of mapmakers, from students to professionals who want to draw attention to sustainability in their own city or town. It includes the original set of Green Map Icons for charting nature, culture, social justice and sustainable living resources. OGM2 allows for new icon sets to be added, and so far, this includes Green Map's Recovery Icons (created in response to the Pandemic) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, along with customized sets for specific localities.

OGM2 is versatile, and allows import and export of data. It's got all the sites uploaded to the original OGM platform between 2009-2019, and while exisiting mapmakers are gradually reviewing and updating, there are several brand-new Open Green Maps to explore. Start by Browsing or explore the world view map. Or create a new account (it's free) at the Sign In and get your own map rolling!

Much more about the mapping process and our icons is at GreenMap.org

Our thanks to the GIS Collective team of Bogdan Szabo, Alexandra Casapu and Ciprian Samoila, and their great open work!

February 2020 - open to Map Makers to update OGM1 maps and data, provide feedback

March 2020 - open to all for alpha testing

June 2020 - tutorials ready!

Map Making Tutorial

http://bit.ly/ogm2info (for both new and returning mapmakers)

Here is the first video tutorial