Routes and Areas (lines and polygons) Test Map

Lines and Areas (test)

It's fall 2020, and we are excited to test the new options here! This chart of routes and areas is in development. What do you think? Do the lines and areas match the icons? can all be seen clearly? Your feedback is welcome!

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August 27, 2020

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Cultural Site Park or Recreation Area Public Space or Square Dog Run

Open air music and performance are a staple in this park

Cultural Site Traditional Way of Life Child Friendly Site

This is one of NYC's Chinatowns! There are several great places to discover along the way, including favorite gathering places, museums and cafe st...

Historical feature Senior Friendly Site Bicycle Path (left) Caution Zone

14 blocks long, running from Houston to the East River, provide outdoor seating, strolling, bike lanes and a bit of art. Formerly the 2nd Ave Eleva...

Traditional Way of Life Landmark

This evolving shopping district is a draw for tourists as well as locals, and many of the shops have been there for generations. Orchard Street is ...

Bicycle Site

This dedicated lane is on the street and buffered by parked cars. it's a pleasure!

Eco Tour or Nature Walk

Going north from the Battery, there is much to see along the riverside! This photo is from [Untapped City's article on Battery Park](https://untapp...

Shaded Boulevard Bicycle Site Wheelchair Accessible Pedestrian Friendly Energy Conservation Child Friendly Site Senior Friendly Site Landmark

There are popular 2 way bike lanes on this bridge - yes, there are an increasing number of micromobility devices and eBikes alongside the bikes. Th...

Eco Tour or Nature Walk Scenic Vista Sunrise or Sunset Site Public Forest or Natural Area

Check it out! Riverside refreshment from Pier 35 (the Eco Park), around the public space of Pier 36, past Pier 42 and along the esplanade through t...

Green Maps Available

Testing this marker

Bicycle Path (left) Sunrise or Sunset Site Eco Tour or Nature Walk Scenic Vista Bicycle Site

Soar over the East River on this popular cycling route on the north side of the bridge (the south side is for pedestrians). There's a bicycle count...

Bicycle Path (Unpaved Bike Trail) Skateboard Site Park or Recreation Area Scenic Vista Public Space or Square Sports Site or Play with Nature

Well, to be honest, there are not many unpaved bike paths in lower Manhattan! So for testing purposes, we selected one with a little gravel.

Public or Mass Transportation Child Friendly Site Senior Friendly Site Wheelchair Accessible

Riding this bus takes less time than ever, thanks to the 14th Street Busway!

Pedestrian Friendly Historical feature Cultural Site Traditional Way of Life Scenic Vista

New York is a great city for walking - here are the lower 100 blocks to explore! Did you know Broadway goes all the way to Albany? On a bit of a ri...

Natural Corridor or Greenway Native Forest or Plants Food Gathering Site Scenic Vista Sunrise or Sunset Site Bird and Wildlife Watching

This is your chance to walk on soft wood chips through a permaculture-style food forest that feeds many species, including humans, that can be seen...

Skateboard Site Sunrise or Sunset Site Sports Site or Play with Nature Park or Recreation Area Public Space or Square Wheelchair Accessible Bicycle Site Pedestrian Friendly

All along the west side of Manhattan island, the Greenway is a haven for people on the go.

Contaminated Site Unhealthy Site

So many of our environmental problems come from the relentless pressure to generate profits, so we are designating Wall Street as a hazard zone!

Public Forest or Natural Area Farmers or Local Market Composting Site Public or Mass Transportation Wheelchair Accessible Free Speech Zone

This modest-sized green space hosts a remarkable array of events, protests, our largest GreenMarket and much more

Protected or Cultivated Habitat Bird and Wildlife Watching Significant Habitat Local Music Child Friendly Site Senior Friendly Site Eco-Spiritual Site Public Forest or Natural Area

A small, lively square park that is protected by wonderful American Elm trees and Red Tailed Hawks. To spot the big birds, look where you see peopl...

Future Redevelopment Space Traffic Hazard

So much could be generated if we decked over this urban freeway, which is slated to become the free zone when 'congestion pricing' starts in 2021. ...

Aquatic Habitat

Protecting wildlife and diplomats and world leaders, this protected area is in the East River, a tidal estuary

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