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Mapping local sustainability

Each locally-made map that uses Green Map Icons connects people with local nature, culture, social justice and sustainable living resources. Explore the World View: start with Search on upper left or select Browse to see all the maps, icon sets and features.

Click an icon for details about each featured site. At the top, the breadcrumb links to the related local map. Click the Map title for details, and to explore all the features in a grid below.
• Features include sites (points), routes (lines) and areas (polygons).
• Features can be clustered on crowded maps. Click and zoom in to see them individually. 

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Why choose this platform? 

Flexible yet focused

• Designed for teamwork!
• Focused on Sustainability and the SDGs
• Works with any language
• Works on any 'smart' device
• Customizable! Local icons, existing data & basemaps can be added
• Embed your map in your website
• Export your data for use in various projects.
• Yes, you can select a license, keep your data private, etc.  

Thanks to our open source developers, the GISCollective, and our use of the Creative Commons 4.0 license, there is no fee for non-commercial use. Simply give credit to Green Map System and share your map in same spirit in which the Platform is offered. Contact us if you have a commercial purpose for your Green Map. 

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You are the Mapmaker!

Be part of the movement

In 65 countries, people have found Green Map's adaptable tools ideal for professional, community and youth projects. Your locally-determined mapping process can be inclusionary or top-down, linked to a major event or a community-wide transition. This Platform (the second of our Open Green Map builders) makes it easy for you.

As shown on our stories-based website, you can start a wave of positive actions in your community! The process builds skills, knowledge and networks. Many Green Mapmakers go on to create multiple maps (print editions, too), events, and even careers that increase the potential for a healthier community and climate. 

GreenMap.org has great stories and resources

Green Map's Icons

Highlighting places that matter

Our award-winning icons are found on every Green Map, sometimes together with locally created icons, or with related symbols (like the United Nations SDGs, which are provided on this Platform). Map users can search by the icon and find all the related features quickly.   

170 symbols are included in the set of Green Map Icons. These icons make the Platform a great tool for people who love their home place and want to promote its positive projects and places alongside challenges to wellbeing, environmental justice and climate health. You can add your own set and mix, too. 

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Your Map Team

Collaborate on Projects

The first step is to define your team. The team owns the maps, as well as any specific icons or base maps you added for your project. You can assign different roles to different collaborators. One person can be a team. Your team can create multiple maps, and you can create different teams for different projects, too. 

Select role for each team member:
• Owner manages team + map + campaigns + can add icon sets
• Leaders can add + edit any featured site or map
• Members can edit their own sites
• Guests can contribute to a map before publication
- this Platform includes a private mode.
• You can change anything about your map, even its title, as you create it.

Quick Start Guide

Adding to your Map

Featuring places of interest

Each featured Site, Route or Area has a title, description, up to 8 icons, photos and an optional sound file! Descriptions can include address, links, even two languages if desired (descriptions are not auto-translated). Oversize photos load slower, so test and adjust. 360° photos can be included! Sound adds richness with MP3 files. 

Features can be added by you, your team or the public.
• Right click a spot on the map to place a feature there
• + Plus Add Feature
• Edit a feature to have it appear on multiple maps.
• Add a Campaign for a quick way to gather public site suggestions. Your dashboard makes it easy to publish your features, update and manage your map!

want a detailed tutorial?

Campaign for Participation

Involve the public, quickly

Used on phones and other devices, Campaigns provide a quick way to collect feature suggestions from the public. Your campaign focuses on the kind of places that suit the type of map you are making. When the public shares viewpoints on a location, you'll be notified. The suggestions are not public until you review, possibly edit, and publish them.

Ready to crowd-source?
Use the + to start a campaign; select the team and map. Add a title and image that set the tone, then ask your questions. Select a few icons for the Campaign.
The tutorial has details - it's quite customizable. Share a short URL or QR code, or display the Campaign next to an embedded map on your website. Glasgow created 8 campaigns! 

see Campaigns in action

We're here to help

Tools, tips and consulting

The Open Green Map Platform offers so many options, it can be a bit confusing at first. Find the Quick Start Guide, tutorials, videos, and FAQ. Then, set your path and start making maps. 

For technical support or custom applications, the open source developers of the Platform, the GISCollective, are ready to help. Want to strategize, get help with training your team or activating your community? Reach out to Green Map System.

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Promote your Map

Get attention, activate change!

Get people interested in your map by creating a short URL (such as bit.ly) and a QR code for it. Or embed it on your website using the code on the Map Edit page. You can make one or more Campaigns, too! Use social media to share links, thank participants and encourage more site suggestions!

Special events are often created to promote the debut of new Green Maps, such as tours of the sites, group bike rides or garden planting days. Share map news with local elected officials and influencers, along with local press and media. Some projects create print maps or cards to promote their Platform-based Green Map.

more on promoting Green Maps

Ready to Begin?

Creating a new vision of home

Start at Sign in. You can use a Google login or your email. Set your team, then start your map! Each Open Green Map has a
          • Map View
          • Map Story
          • Dashboard and Edit page (private)
Features on the map include points (sites), lines (routes) and polygons (areas).
   Each Feature has a
          • Place Story
          • Edit page (private)

• About has how-to information
• Browse is your gateway to all of the maps, and the thousands of features charted by local people, all around the world.
• Our logo takes you to the World View.
• Login on this versatile platform to access the dashboard's two sections
• Activate your perspective on positive change.

more questions? there's an FAQ

Your Green Map project will activate your community…our best wishes as you get started!

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