Creative Community Cases LES

Parsons DESIS (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability) Lab is a research laboratory created in 2009 at The New School in New York City. DE...

NYC Energy

Featuring climate smart energy choices and energy efficiency projects all across NYC! We we were inspired to map energy in NYC by the Great Northea...

4BsHive Bristol: green map of Knowle West

GreenBristol mixes creativity with new media to produce events, performances, processes and products that engage a wide audience with local and glo...

Greenmap Berlin

A Greenmap shows locations i.e. a place where you can get eco-products and services. Never before there has be such a variety of products and a gen...

Green Map NYC

Charting the ever-changing environment of New York City since 1992!

This Green Map includes a variety of amazing sustainability resources around N...

Río Silao y ciudad de Irapuato

Be conscious of the natural world around us and act to know it better, understand it, and protect it. Statement of Purpose Agora de Cultura Ambient...

Harta Verde Bistrița

Asociația Harta Verde România is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation working to achieve a sustainable society through biodiversity conserva...

NYC Open Engagement Green Map

Celebrating the whole of NYC at the Open Engagement festival, this mapping project utilized the famous NYC Panorama at Queens Museum, a giant 3-D m...

Harta Verde Cluj-Napoca

A group of young nature enthusiasts, from Cluj Napoca, the capital of Transylvania, who established an environmental NGO, that is implementing proj...

Around Sara D Roosevelt Park

A linear city park, 6 blocks long, with recreation, relaxation, regeneration and resiliency. The active community garden has a [wonderful website](...

Glasgow West Community Green Map

Glasgow Eco Trust facilitates and empowers local people to come together to make improvements to their local community for the benefit of all.


Resilient Monroe Green Map

In 2017, River Raisin Institute began the Resilient Monroe Green Map project with funding from the Monroe County Health Department. The project goa...

Harta Verde România

Harta Verde România cuprinde toate resursele sustenabile specifice proiectului Green Map.

Fresh Opportunity Green Map

Monroe County Opportunity Program partnered with River Raisin Institute and Kelly Salchow-MacArthur, Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Michi...

Chaos Communication Camp 2019

This is a demo map for the camp.

The Chaos Communication Camp is an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms. ...

FEED Jefferson County, WA

We're growing a healthy future as students learn how to plant, cook, and create food related businesses.

Language Test

Languages of all types work on this platform!

Зелените мапи ги водат сите кон посакуван животен здрав живот, кој е добар за одржлив и надежен све...

Participatory Mapping - A Building Site Selection Platform

These participatory maps have been created to inform design decisions related to the construction of emergency storm centers. Building Sites for th...

Vilnius Green Map

This is Vilnius Green Map. Vilnius is green. Vilnius is recovering.

East Village and the Lower East Side 2020

A historic and multi-cultural community, the Lower East Side is known for its resiliency, creativity and community spirit. Hard hit by the Pandemic...

Borgernes bæredygtige København 2023 - Pilotkortlægning, forberedelse af UIA's verdenskongres og København som verdenshovedstad for arkitektur 2023

Deltag i kortlægning af byens bæredygtige steder og aktiviteter. Vis os, hvad en bæredygtig by og bydel er for dig.

Sammen vil vi opdage og ud...

Routes and Areas (lines and polygons) Test Map

It's fall 2020, and we are excited to test the new options here! This chart of routes and areas is in development. What do you think? Do the lines...

Glasgow Eco Trust led cycle routes

Glasgow Eco Trust delivers led cycle rides as part of our active travel programme. This map shows the different routes in the area that the groups ...

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